“If you know the enemy and you know yourself, then you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.” ~ Sun Tzu

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can benefit from frequency transmission?

Adults, children, animals, families, companies, groups, land and houses.

How long has frequency transmission been in use?

In 1998, the best selling “novel”, Sanctuary, written by Stephen Lewis and Evan Slawson, was published. The book was written as a novel, although the book jacket and interior pages contain a dozen or more testimonials by doctors, Hollywood types, and other people of note who claim to have known “the real Max”, and who experienced energetic balancing from him. Why, one would naturally ask, is the book written as a novel if it is a true story? Because in 1998, the world wasn’t ready to accept that a biological change could be affected through frequency transmission. However, frequency transmission had been used since the 1930s for re-training cellular memory before developing the various devices used today.

Fast forward to today when the novel becomes an everyday reality. Biofeedback is being used in EEGs, ECGs, and numerous sport devices.

What frequency device do you use?

My frequency device is an E-Ductor, an FDA approved, state of the art medical device that works both in person as well as remotely. The BaZi Genetic Code software used to determine your specific amino acids, chakra points, acupuncture points, etc. was created by Dr. Sonia Chong, Singapore.

Why would I want a frequency transmission session?

Frequency Transmission has been used in the alternative healthcare community for decades. During this time, thousands of frequencies have been calculated, the efficacy of transmission measured, and the sophistication of equipment improved upon. It is now possible to receive frequencies to re-train your cells to alleviate stress and emotions that can cause illness. Because the E-Ductor device works via satellite, transmission can be received in the comfort of your home.

What information do you need from me?
To get the process started, I’ll ask you for identifying information, including your current location or the location where you will be for our session, your birth information, and cell phone number. I’ll also ask you to fill out a Lifestyle Questionnaire, and to sign consent forms.

Click here to access the intake form.

How does frequency transmission work?

If a session is in person, sensors may be attached by wires to your ankles, wrists and forehead to measure and feed resonance information to the E-ductor. These ionic exchanges of reaction occur at 1/100th of a second, and are measured as energetic components in your body. With a feedback loop, the device measures your resonance pulse and sends back an alternate pulse to which your body responds. In turn, your body alters its own reactance pulse, thus creating a change. Frequency is transmitted via satellite.

How shall I prepare for a session?

Please get comfortable with a cup of tea or water. You can light a candle or listen to relaxing music (no words or excitable rhythms is preferred). Try to relax. Yes, it’s fine if you want to work, watch TV or move around, but remember that this is a quantum process where consciousness and frequency work in tandem. Be respectful of this process and the energetic exchange that you are about to experience.

What shall I expect during a frequency session?

If the session is done remotely, the frequency transmission process takes place by identifying and connecting via satellite, in much the same way that a GPS or cell phone operates.

First, I must set up your file and birth information. Then, I shall call or text you on the phone number you provided to establish a connection for calibration. Your phone number and address are critical for accurate calibration. Depending on your preference, I may or may not stay on the phone with you during the intake process, which takes about 45 minutes. The E-Ductor does a scan of your body, and that information is inputted for training purposes. I may ask questions to better hone in on your body resonance, so that your needs can be identified and addressed. Perhaps you will want to focus on certain affirmations that have come up for you. Try to feel the subtle frequencies that are being transmitted to you.

How will I feel during a session?

Some people feel nothing, and are not cognizant of the frequency that they are receiving. Others, however, feel tired, tingles, or even heat. If there is a lot of toxicity, you may feel nauseous. It’s highly encouraged to drink lots of fresh, purified water before, during and after a session.

Rest assured, whether you are feeling the transmission or not, there is definitely activity, albeit subtle. Most people feel something the next day, if not immediately. Assimilation can take up to two weeks and possibly longer.

How long is a frequency transmission session?

The initial session is approximately 1.5 hours. Since all sessions are personalized according to your goals, the length of each session is not predictable.

Frequency sessions for specific programs can take several sessions, several hours each time. Please call to discuss your personal goals.

What should I do after the session?

Because there is “die-off” of cells, bacteria, etc., I encourage you to take warm water with lemon, and/or other gentle forms of detox to rid yourself of the die-off and facilitate the adjustments. Refrain from dehydrating beverages such as coffee, alcohol, caffeine, carbonated drinks, dairy, and toxic foods. Your body is readjusting. Be respectful of the process you have experienced, the energy received and the changes that occurred as a result. Regard the session as interactive and see yourself as responsible for the results.

Remember that your emotions, physicality and how you nurture yourself all work in tandem to affect the best possible outcomes. Take this opportunity to jumpstart your wellness with nourishing foods, drinks, and supplements if needed. 

After our session, please take note of your “feelings”, as changes are subtle. I will follow up with you, to check on what it is that you notice.

How many sessions are necessary?

Many ask if one session is sufficient. Truthfully? It depends on what you’d like to accomplish. However, it would be unrealistic to clear a lifetime of cellular guck in one session. Remember that your cells hold memory, and have been affected by vaccines, junk food, traumas, surgeries, emotions, habits, choices etc. that you have experienced in your lifetime. Generally, one session is not enough, and for this reason I offer packages to structure personal commitment based on your goals. Sometimes the device will recommend the number of sessions and how often you would benefit from frequency transmission. ALL sessions are personalized.

What are the side effects of energy transmission?

To my knowledge, there are no known side effects. Although it’s unusual, a temporary reaction called a Herxheimer Reaction, may occur if the body is particularly toxic. This reaction may be immediate, or the following day. The temporary discomfort can be mild nausea, or it can be more intense. Sometimes there are body aches and pains that may last a day or so. If we are doing an emotional clearing, emotions may bubble up. Herxheimer Reactions are rare, and depend on the individual. The good news is that a Herxheimer Reaction is a positive indicator that we are over the target. “The body responding in this way usually means that the treatment is actually working effectively.” Holtorf Medical Group 8/9/2018