“Most persons are so absorbed in the contemplation of the outside world, that they are wholly oblivious to what is passing on within themselves.” ~ Nikola Tesla


What is biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a method used to read energy “feed back” information from your heart, brain, breathing, muscle activity, skin temperature etc. in conjunction with your thoughts, feelings, emotions and behavior, and then sends that information to a device that reads these energetic signatures.

Biofeedback frequency transmission for retraining cellular memory is an alternative method used to improve health.

Our ability to collect and measure Biofeedback information has been around for decades and is used most commonly in ECG and EEG tests, and now in small devices that monitor athletic performance.

A human is made up of about 63 trillion cells, and each cell is made up of an innumerable number of atoms with protons, neutrons and electrons, each atom with positive and negative charges, all communicating with one another via frequency. Can you imagine this level of communication? Essentially, we are one huge, walking, talking battery, a computerized communication and information center that is unparalleled in its level of sophistication.

Over a lifetime, our cells “remember” thoughts, patterns and feelings that are stored in our DNA, which can even be inherited. Each thought, feeling, organ, breath, sound, experience . . . . collects and accumulates. Traumatic memories, for example, or repetitious thoughts of anger and resentment cause emotional responses, which can cause disease. Every cell in our body hears our thoughts and feels our pain.

Our biofeedback device, called the Eductor, is a state of the art, FDA approved device that is programmed with tens of thousands of energetic signatures that are scanned against the body’s memory for emotional and physical feedback, and provides tens of thousands of remedy signatures for retraining your cell’s memory. There are protocols for thousands of illnesses, conditions and diseases.

For example, a healthy cell resonates at 62-68 Hz whereas cancer begins at 42 Hz. Essential oils range in frequency from 52 Hz to 320 Hz. Shame and bullying resonate at 20 Hz. These frequencies are identified and calibrated against what is “normal”, and adjusted accordingly. Vitamin deficiencies, for example, and their corresponding remedies, are noted as well as emotional information that can be addressed.

As of this writing, I am blessed and humbled to be one of 50 practitioners in the world who is able to take this phenomenal, quantum energetic process one step further. I’ve been studying metaphysics since the 90’s while living in Asia. My studies began with Feng Shui, then BaZi (Chinese Astrology), Xuan Kong Da Gua (Advanced Feng Shui) and Qi Men Dun Jia (an oracle), and I participate with a global collective of biofeedback practitioners who use BaZi, a Chinese study on frequency, to address an individual’s genetic code and personalized composition of emotions, acupuncture points, amino acids, and chakra points. Our DNA is the foundation of 64 codons, which can be directly related to the ancient Chinese I-Ching, which has 64 hexagrams. Inside the codons are the 20 Amino Acids, each one with its own frequency.


Folks, everything is about frequency!! Literally!!! Every color, object—both animate and inanimate—feeling, thought and emotion has a frequency that can be measured. Think of it, each amino acid, organ, emotion and acupuncture point has its own frequency. By addressing these frequencies via BaZi Genetic Code, we can transmit the corresponding frequency to affect a positive change.


BaZi Chinese Astrology & Genetic Code

The Sun is benevolent. Generous, open, sincere, just, upright, noble. The Sun is predictable and reliable. The Candle is a Leader. Meticulous, detail-driven, sentimental, good motivators.

The Mountain is trustworthy, loyal, dependable, solid, and stubborn. Soil or soft earth is nurturing, tolerant, productive and resourceful.

A Sword or an axe is unyielding, enduring, tough and altruistic. A piece of jewellery or polished ornament is an attention-grabber, sentimental and values relationships.

An Ocean is powerful, intelligent, adaptive, extrovert, rebellious. A light rain is emotional, imaginative, creative, a good teacher and an introvert.

A huge, towering tree is steady, forthright, direct and stern. A flower, vine or grass is beautiful, flexible, adaptable and fickle.

Astrology is a serious science. BaZi—Chinese Astrology—is perhaps the most exciting of the metaphysical sciences. BaZi is not just a blueprint of your life’s potential, but a gateway to your genetic imprint, which provides an individual with emotional, physical, and spiritual information that affects your lifetime experience. BaZi is the starting point for applying all the other metaphysical sciences.

Why would one want to know this information? Because everything is about relationships, and every relationship is about energy. Joe Dispenza says, “Thoughts create an electrical charge and feelings create a magnetic charge.” In other words, we attract what we think!! By understanding our feelings, emotions and experiences, our interactions can be more fulfilling, and we can create a more prosperous and meaningful life. BaZi offers guidance into the unique YOU.

BaZi Genetic Code is a tool to help you take control of your life and be the driving force behind your own destiny. It helps you to understand energetic relationships within your chart, and how to harmonize with those around you.

Imagine being able to understand if your stars align with your weekend date! Or, why you are at odds with one daughter, but get along great with the other two. Maybe you’d like to improve upon the relationship with your boss. BaZi can provide in-depth analysis and understanding of relationships and how you are connected.

Your BaZi—based on the Year, Month, Day and Hour that you were born—provides your elemental composition. Each element has a quality of energy that becomes uniquely yours, based on its location within your natal chart. This arrangement establishes a profile of an individual’s talents, personality, strengths, weaknesses, health, and provides guidance for understanding relationships, and potential.

Many people ask whether our destiny is pre-determined because our natal chart is static. The answer is absolutely NO! Our natal chart may be static, but it is influenced by the Sun, the Moon and the stars, i.e. a time and space continuum that guarantees potential for change with every minute. An individual’s personal choices, as well as this dynamic aspect, directly impacts the strength, weakness and potential of an individual.

Based on our BaZi elemental composition of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood, we can position ourselves in our home and office for best nurturing. We can select an appropriate wedding date, and determine if a life partner is suitable. Most importantly, we can understand how we relate to others, so we can create harmony with our relationships.

We exist in the space between Heaven and Earth, where endless energy fields swarm around us, all competing to influence our thoughts, feelings, and behavior. If we can properly align ourselves with Heaven and Earth, we can better ground and balance ourselves to create our own destiny.

While BaZi is a stand-alone science, it is nothing short of thrilling to discover the association between the BaZi and our genetics. We are so blessed to have the software that can decode the I-Ching of our BaZi, and translate it into the acupuncture-points, emotions, Amino Acids, organs, and chakras that are at the core of our life imprint. Whether having a BaZi reading for life journey analysis or for Genetic Code insights, it is a valuable experience to support your well-being in the most personal way possible.